Leadership Mentoring
Personal Mindset Assistance.

Creative Coaching
One-on-one coaching, creation of bespoke piece of art.

Team Building – Outdoor Retreats
Program for optimising productivity, resilience, and wellbeing.


Program Description: Outdoor program for optimising productivity, resilience, and wellbeing. 

Objective: Improve workforce focus, leadership, teamwork and as a result your bottom line. 

Duration: 72 Hours (can be shorter).

Location: We operate outdoors from several carefully selected venues across NSW and the ACT. Commences from home locations or places of work.

Group Size/Type: Small Teams 4-6 People (can be larger).

“Coming from a high stress career stream that demands both the highest physical and cognitive performance daily, the uncertainty and general ambiguity of the activity provided an environment outside of my comfort zone. It greatly expedited my character development and helped place me at a distinct advantage to conquer future life obstacles.” Zac – Analyst

Team Building – Outdoor Retreat Availability (Bespoke dates by request)

Corporate Dates:

5-7 April

14 – 17 May

11-14 June

26-28 July

13-16 August

3-7 September

Community Dates:

20-22 September

6-8 December

Nothing changes unless people do. Progress through the four outdoor experiences to embrace the power of personal growth, change and shared consciousness. Develop your leaders for their next challenging role.


Program Description: Personal mindset assistance and dedicated personal growth support. Commences with an accelerated three-day activity, followed by periodic mentoring sessions.

Objective: More productivity, improved focus, self-awareness & ability to cope with uncertainty. Thrive through increased performance and influence successful outcomes. 

Duration: 72 Hours, followed by 1.5 Hour Mentoring Sessions

Location: We operate outdoors from several carefully selected venues across NSW and the ACT. Commences from home locations or workplace.

Group Size/Type: Individual or Pairs

“From an initial 3-hour conversation, my view on leadership has been totally reshaped. It was an exceptionally insightful experience that has set me on a new course of leadership awareness and increased productivity. Crew retention has stabilized, crew morale continues to climb, and productivity has doubled. I look forward to continued improvement through strategies that have been set out by Greg.” Phil – Ships Captain MV Grace

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The challenges were professionally presented and implemented, and I grew trust in both Greg and Rich in a very short period. If you are looking to develop yourself personally or professionally, in a slightly unconventional but very effective method, I would highly recommend e72.” Anthony Manager NSW – Britton Timbers


Program Description: one-on-one coaching that involves the creation of an individual, bespoke piece of art. Make your own meaning. Throughout the process of learning and using new skills and artistic techniques, your coach and artist Rich will discuss your life journey, your current state, and future plans. Inspired by your personal story, together we create an object that is the signifier of your goals.

Objective: Practice creativity, learn new skills and gain confidence. This piece of art, made by you, is a powerful reminder of your life journey, your experience and your personal or organisational goals. Our clients usually place their sculpture at their workplace or in their study, to remind themselves and proudly display to others their new skill.

Duration: Half or Full Day sessions, followed by periodic coaching sessions.

Location: The experience72 Studio in Canberra.

Group Size/Type: Individual or Small Groups

“Had an awesome time, love what you guys are doing. Active awareness of the seminal aspects of my life packaged into a sculpture that I designed and made is truly empowering.”

Steph – Manager Marine Projects, Dampier Salt Ltd at Rio Tinto